Lesson learned: Judgement

Need some keywords beforehand? – Right, wrong, truth, lie, poverty, wealth, difference, tolerance, intolerance, necessity, redundance, abundance, bliss, misery, grief and the definition of life. Even though these words are mostly philosophical, abstract and hard to define, they are all falsely ‘well-defined’ in every culture and community. When you travel in time and reality, they all become meaningless concepts. When you discuss whether ‘x’ is right or wrong, there emerges two sides debating on ‘x’. However, what if there is not even an ‘x’ to be discussed at all? Well, we might naturally get confused. Then, we try to understand. When we understand, everything around us is seen, smelt, felt and heard differently. The most important part is that you are still aware of the previous version of the things even after you came to realize there is always another dimension to it.

It was the third year of my university degree when I unconsciously pushed the start button of my lifelong journey. I was nervous about literally everything from the flight experience to how-to-find-my-way question in those strange streets. Even if I had taken some trips before, I had always been roaming around with someone else. This time, I was all alone to figure out everything from A to Z. I wasn’t even aware of how dramatically my life was gonna be changed by this first step out.

Bunch of life lessons are lying on the road. What determines which lessons to be taken are mainly the individual’s capacity, awareness, consciousness, compassion, perseverance. Before all those, the pure willingness for learning is the key element of the person. It’s equally crucial to know how to absorb and to digest what is taken.

The most important lessons I have taken (still working on it) is the ability of being non-judgemental about anything. By anything, I really meant ANYTHING! I totally believe that we are all judgemental by our nature. I would relate this to the human nature along with our experiences. Naturally, we cannot even live without our judgement mechanism. It could be a good thing in some occasions as it could be catastrophic in some occasions. Our experiences, environments, cultures, religions, families and etc. are what make up our judgement mechanism, which is mostly reflective.

We judge everyone and everything in our daily life. We do it either consciously or unconsciously, audibly or inaudibly. Then, we reorganize and reshape our actions and thoughts accordingly. How healthy is that? We cannot even explore ourselves honestly because of this reason since we do the same to ourselves. For example, we use the word ‘dirty’ or ‘disgusting’ for a meal, which is poorly organized by some ‘dirty’ hands of a ‘dirty’ person in a non-hygienic place. If you think the same way in a small village in suburbs of Sri Lanka, you will undoubtedly die of hunger. Instead, I change MY mindset rather than trying to change and judge the way they eat in that small village. You don’t even have to change your own habits and ways of eating while doing this. You don’t have to adopt anything for good. The only thing you need to do is not to judge whatsoever. If you like, you can also adopt anyway but you still don’t have to. Respect the way it is and let it be the way it is. I always keep in mind that me being hygienic might be seen weird and judged by the people living in that area. Then, I think of the people living in my country and know how people would react and judge a stranger when that person eats with his hands and all. All these conditions are normal and that is the point! Everything is as expected and normal in its own culture and habitat.

This one is what I picked for my chance (Confucius Temple – Taipei / Taiwan)

PS: Special thanks to the roads…

Have a non-judgemental day! 😉

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