Seoul: Only a nutmeg away from 500.000 Korean Won

Speaking of its people and vibe, I don’t think it would be unfair to say that South Korea is a more vivid and humane version of Japan. If you’d start singing on the street, some could ask why you sing, some could pay tribute and the rest may join you. You don’t expect such warm and cheerful attitudes when you do some bizarre stuff on the streets in any other country in this part of the world. You can’t take South Koreans for typical Asians. They definitely have their own patterns of life and behaviours. Some might argue that they are so spoiled by following American trends, fashion and lifestyle. Personally, I consider that a modification of harmony in our global world. Inevitably, we all see and experience that in our very own culture and young generation.

I like taking a photo of those who are taking a photo 🙂

The best part of planning a trip to South Korea, is that they grant mostly 90 days visa-free for the majority of the countries in the world. The worst part is… Well, there’s NO such a thing! When we first landed in Seoul, it was way colder than we expected. It was snowy and we had come from Hong Kong where we had been around wearing t-shirts. That was the first shock. Since we don’t ever have a habit of pre-booking our accomodation, the day we landed was a bit of a test on our nerves. We could hardly see any place, which is open for 24 hours. Why we were looking for that? – For the night. We eventually found a coffee shop in which the couches were so comfy and hosting. The pic. below is the morning we woke up to:

That cafe nearby the Hyehwa station

Throughout my adventure in South Korea, I was with one of my best friends named Alican:

Ancient Hanok Village

It was our third day when we finally found a very comfortable hostel at Hyehwa and it was only $9. Frankly, we reckon that is too pricy compare to any other country in this region but our bodies were so weary and the price was well-deserved by the hostel called Bong House. With the happiness of lodging ourselves, the second shock struck while wandering around. The prices! You have to wiggle your way out of those prices. Therefore, you need to push your limits and might participate in an event, where you need to show your freestyle football techniques and destroy your Korean opponent. What do I mean? Below, the picture of how to get 500.000 Korean Won in a single day. By accident, we came across this tournament I will explain.


For me, it was more like a day of how to miss 500.000 Korean Won in the final match. It was so poignant that I was only a nutmeg away from being awarded 500.000 Korean Won. It was a tournament organized by one of the biggest sports company in the world. A nutmeg wins the game and your opponent is being ruled out while you are being qualified for the next game. Otherwise, who scores 3 goals is being qualified. I had won all the games by 3-0 but my opponent in the final was a freestyle football coach in Korea and even had some fans. Later on, we became friends and he told me that he wasn’t gonna be there for the next tournament and added: ‘come again my friend, you will surely be the champion next time when I’m absent.’

Missing 500.000 KW is what makes you do xD
Au revoir for now!

I will be back soon with a much more detailed post on South Korea!

From Seoul with love and soul…

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